About Me

I have always admired women who stand up for what they believe in. Women who are passionate about life, about their career and education, family and their social engagements.  I’ve craved to meet more like-minded professionals who knew what I was talking about…

Passion, enthusiasm, positivity, motivation, encouragement, esprit.

People who understood; who have developed this drive..this THURST for life that makes them jump out of bed every morning – ready to face the day with all it’s challenges. Some days are harder than others. Yes. But even then…they push through, eyes on the positive. On the good; on the goal. And this attitude is what I treasure and adore and which I call affectionately “The CEO gene” within us.  We all got it. We all thrive to learn. To become better friends and spouses. To reach our full potential.  We are all CEO’s of our own lives and careers…whether you manage three kids at home or a multimillion-dollar business abroad. It all comes down to your attitude and how you deal with what happens to you on a daily basis. Isn’t that mind-blowing? How powerful you are…?

I think it is.

I am writing this blog for every woman out there who paints herself in brighter colors than life tends to do so for her. Who is a fighter. Passionate about life. A go-getter. A grateful spirit. A I-give-you-my-hand-even-if-you-spit-in-mine-because-I-believe-in-kindness-kinda person. Never tired of learning new things, of reading more books, of hearing new speeches, of attending new awesome workshops and events…of going the extra mile.  Always always curious. I am writing this blog for you.



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