3 thoughts on “Why we have too few women leaders

  • I am afraid I can’t comment from a professional viewpoint as I am not in a ‘CEO’ environment, but from my own personal experience and observations young women’s success in the workplace stems from their parenting. Friends and family who have brought up their daughters with a ‘no glass ceiling’ perception of the working environment and encouraged them to succeed have raised intelligent and competitive adults. Again, personally I have always preferred to work for women than men and ”tis has generally been due to the fact that things get done, my questions get answered and I’ve always had far better support. Great video by the way 😀

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    • That is right, Charlie! Love your point of view! Also your comment on the monumentality of having a female boss. :-) It’s quite a different leadership & management style, right? I find it hard though to say which I like better – the female bosses I have had so far were all so used to having to be extremely unemotional and to be not empathetic (aka ellbows-out-don’t-cry-kinda-style) to get into that position in the first place that I had always observed them as completely unapproachable for their team. Which is too bad! Since obviously there are women out there who manage to become leaders without “losing” their core charisma in the progress.

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      • That is also interesting that some women would rather work for a man. But, as you say keeping that core charisma is so important. At my last college we would have followed our Director of Curriculum over a cliff :-)


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